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Welcome to your Incremental candidate journey. This pack provides information relating to Incremental and our recruitment process, equipping you with all the information you need in advance of your interview.

Careers Hub

To begin, let’s find out more about what it’s like to work for Incremental by clicking the link below.

Our Careers Hub has been designed to showcase; what it’s like to be an Incrementalist, company benefits, current vacancies, diversity and inclusion, and an introduction to the Talent Team.

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Introduction to Steven Brown, VP Global Business Applications


Incremental has offices in the following locations:







More information on Hybrid working can be found below

Hybrid working


Hybrid office working involves working between a home work space and an office building. The office becomes a place for socialising, to facilitate connections, enable learning, facilitate collaboration and innovation, and of course quiet work. Like many leading professional services and technology organisations, as we return to our offices it is to a hybrid way of working.

With the purpose of office working changing to be focused on socialising, collaborating, and learning, the physical office is changing to align with this. This means creating more spaces for the types of activities and interactions that people require.

Incrementalists also need to make changes to how they plan for and make decisions about where to work. We have thought long and hard about this change and have made a significant investment in moving to this model.

What this involves?

When am I expected to be in the office?

Whilst exceptions will apply, there is real benefit in face-to-face now becoming the default again for certain types of interactions and work and we encourage you to use the offices on a more regular basis. This includes interviews, welcoming new employees on their first day / week, appraisals, creating shadowing opportunities for early career Incrementalists, team and project meetings, and important customer / prospect meetings.

Can I work from home on fixed days?

We have moved to a hybrid model to satisfy Incrementalists as well as business needs. Whilst we appreciate there might be certain days some individuals want to work from home for personal reasons, it is important to make the decision on where you work based on the type of work you are doing that day and where this would most effectively be done. For example, if you prefer to work from home on a Monday but have a day of interviews, these should be done from the office on that day. Planning, understanding, flexibility and compromise within teams and projects is essential for hybrid working to be effective. You should feel comfortable to challenge others to explain why they made the decision to come into the office or stay at home at times.

Do groups meet in person or online?

When working in a group, whether this be a team meeting or workshop please consider whether an in-person or online meeting will be best. A mix of both, whilst on some occasions is the only way, can be challenging. It is often more effective if everyone travels to be together in person or the meeting is done online however, we have configured many of our meeting rooms to optimise inclusion for remote participants which helps to create a more engaging environment and embrace flexibility.

Do I get kit at home?

We want to ensure that every Incrementalist has the best kit to enable them to work effectively. All Incrementalists can therefore retain or request to keep a task-based chair, monitor, docking station, keyboard, mouse at home. Please submit requests for kit via

Can I claim travel expenses for coming into my local office?

As has always been the case, Incrementalists must cover their own travel expenses when coming into their local office.


Private Health Care

Private health care (PMI) with AXA PPP providing cover for you and option to add family members

Health Insurance

Permanent health insurance (PHI) with UNUM supporting you financially through long-term illness

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance with UNUM providing financial assistance in the event of a critical illness

HealthShield Cash Plan

HealthShield cash plan covering the excess on all treatment plus contribution towards dental, optical and other costs

Holiday Trading

Holiday trading ability to purchase or sell up to 4 days per year

Holiday Flexibility

Flexibility to take holidays when you wish – only 25th/ 26th Dec and 1st Jan are fixed holidays

Shopping Deals

Shopping deals, lottery, training, employee assistance programmes via FairCare

Flexible and Hybrid Working

Flexible working and hybrid working across all of our offices

Pension Scheme

Pension scheme with Royal London with a 6.5% company contribution and minimum 1.5% contribution by you with an option to flex

Cycle to Work

Cycle to work scheme via FairCare

The Interview Process

CV journey and experience

This interview is more of an informal introduction and will include:

  • A review of your CV and accomplishments to date;
  • Career aspirations and expectations;
  • Discussion around previous roles, companies, plus any gaps; and
  • A dive into experience relevant to the role you have applied for;
  • Q&A – opportunity to ask specific questions around the role, culture and growth.

Competency based questions

One of the tools used in our interview process is competency based questions (also known as structured, behavioural or situational questions). These questions are designed to test one or more of your skills or competencies. The interviewers ask all candidates the same questions, each focusing on a specific skill, and your answers will be compared against pre-determined criteria and marked accordingly.

To be successful in responding to competency-based questions, follow the STAR method. The STAR format is a simple, structured technique to help you answer scenario-based questions and should help you share the right amount of information. It is designed to help you consider your answer in more depth.

The outcome

After each stage of interview, you will be informed of next steps. In the event that you are invited to a second interview, this will again be with two members of the team and will explore the areas covered in the first interview in more depth.

In the event that you are unsuccessful, you will received feedback in a timely manner once all interviews have concluded.


Following a successful first interview, you are required to prepare a presentation on a topic relevant to the role. This will be provided prior to interview.

  • Presentation theme: Making a positive impact in a new role.
  • Base material: Role description.
  • Scope: Present your approach to ensuring success in the role. You should articulate what you believe to be measures of success, your approach to delivery, and any potential barriers to success, based on previous experience.
  • Time: Will be allocated prior to interview.
  • Format: PowerPoint.

The offer

If you are successful at interview, you will receive an offer of employment. This will take the form of a conversation, followed by written confirmation in an offer letter. At this stage, we will seek references from at least two former employers. Where this is not possible, we will seek references relating to your character. Please note that an inability to achieve suitable references may impact the offer of employment.

Meet the Talent Team

Melanie is our Senior Talent Acquisition Partner. Melanie played a key part in forming Incremental’s Talent Acquisition function and her focus is on strategic growth and leads the operational strategy and execution of end-to-end recruitment.

Melanie thrives on challenging and high-pressure situations that require sound decision-making, confidentiality, and sensitivity. She is a supportive and influential leader who coaches and empowers the team to deliver exceptional results and exceed expectations

Melanie is passionate about building long-term relationships and providing talent solutions that drive growth and success for Incremental.

In her not so spare time, she exercises by running after her two teenagers, husband and the family Frenchie, Beau!

Jenna is our Talent Acquisition Partner. Jenna is responsible for sourcing future talent and onboarding all new Incrementalists in providing a welcoming experience aligned to Incremental’s culture and values.

Incremental’s approach to Learning and Development supported Jenna in completing her Modern Apprenticeship and Graduate at University with a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Management. One of Jenna’s favourite things to do is socialise and eat out with friends, although going to the gym on a regular basis is required to burn off the calories!

We wish you success in your application. Should you have any questions, please contact us by email at, by calling 0345 565 3000 or completing the form below. Talent Acquisition teamIncremental Group