Health & Wellness Group

Wellness programme

Our vision is for Incremental to positively benefit the lives of Incrementalists, providing a fulfilling and creative environment for them to develop, achieve and succeed.

The Health & Wellness group offers a varied programme of events and initiatives to encourage positive wellness by provide opportunities for social connection, wellness training, self-improvement and community volunteering.

Olympics & recovery

  • Summer virtual mission close
  • Active recovery
  • 23rd July - 8th August - Olympics focus
  • 24th International self care day

Paralympics & accessibility

  • Summer Social
  • Financial wellness & your benefits
  • Anxiety focus & drop-in session
  • Community connect

Hobbies for happiness

  • 7th – Youth mental health day - family focus
  • 10th - games tournament
  • Incremental hobby spotlight
  • 7th – 13th Incremental blood drive (National organ donation week)
  • 24th - Macmillan coffee morning

Your wellness round-up

  • Incremental wellness feedback
  • 10th World mental health day
  • 10th - Incremental time to talk & meditation revisit
  • 11th – 15th National work life week

Dark nights, bright days

  • 1st - 5th International stress awareness week
  • Winter health focus
  • Lifelong learning focus

Good food, goodwill

  • Festive health & good eating
  • Community volunteering
  • 10th - Christmas jumper day
  • 16th - Christmas social

Physical wellness

  • 3rd - Festival of sleep day
  • Physical fitness mission

Financial wellness

  • Your benefits
  • Everyday finances
  • 6th – National time to talk day

Self care spring clean

  • Getting your self care house in order
  • Technology for self-care